The First Edition of the Unicorn Street Art Festival (USAF) was held on the streets of Hindustan Park on the 4th of February, 2018. The day long festival held from 11AM to 10PM, had a footfall of over 4,000 people - far exceeding all expectations.

The Unicorn Street Art Festival 2018 was a one-of-its-kind festival involving exhibition of artworks, the sale of theme based merchandise, food and drink, live art activities and art installationsn - all with one common feature: everything was based on a unicorn-inspired, or in other words, a pastel colour theme. It was our aim to curate a festival, the likes of which the city had never seen before.

The soul of any art festival is in its art, and the Unicorn Street Art Festival featured an art collection rivaling any other festival across the country. Art works were displayed by both professional and amature artists. Though, undoubtedly, it were the students of Art Rickshaw who stole the show, with over 15 artworks sold. Also, on display was a Mandala Artwork by Divdrisht Kaur Suri, and art intsallations by renowned artist Pranab Roy as well as a clay sculpture by Ramkumar Manna. In addition to these, the festival featured art installations conceptualized and crafted by the team at Art Rickshaw, with the installation room being the largest crowd puller of the festival.

Also, at the festival we were selling a diverse range of fun and quirky merchandise. We had the distinct pleasure of associating with 33 renowned brands from across the city for the festival. Had it not been for their constant support and corporation, we would not have been able to execute the festival successfully.

It was the festivals performances which gave it a unique flavour. Artists from all fields of art - music, dance, poetry, storytelling and book writing - had staged splendid live performances, encapsulating the audience's attention and winning their hearts.

We hope to see you at another festival sometime very soon.