Photography Workshop

"When people ask me what photography equipment I use - I tell them my eyes" - Anonymous
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Learn the basics of photography from a professional and learn the magic of using a DSLR camera. Come join us on the wonderful journey of taking exquisite pictures which can make storing your memories worth the effort of carrying your camera around. This basic 4 hours 2 day covers the following -

1. Theory session covering exposure (shutter speed, aperture and 150). White balance, concepts, depth of field, framing, composition, metering
2. Operating in manual mode, discover the limits of your camera, including camera stability.
3. Learn about Landscape, Portrait, Action, Event and night photography use or tripod etc.


This is a 10 class program spread over two weeks, which trains you to be a professional photographer. It will introduce the best practices and principles of imaging, basic understanding of photography and related equipment, history of photography, backgrounds & props for different shoots, working with models, along with outdoor shoots. A student learns the aesthetic skills with commercial acumen. Training is given by professionals who are experts in this field. Some of the specialised subject in the course are -

1) Portrait Lighting Techniques
2) Low - Key Photography
3) Back button Autofocus
4) External flash