There’s nothing more fulfilling, relaxing & pleasurable than creating something with your own hands. At ArtRickshaw, you are free to explore the artist within you, while you get away from the daily hustle & bustle of life, mingle with a close group of like minded individuals & spend some quality time creating something beautiful!

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"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" - Pablo Picasso
Monday5PM - 7PM
Thursday5PM - 7PM
Friday11:15PM-1:15PM, 1:30-3:30PM, 3:45-5:45PM,6-8PM
Saturday11:15PM-1:15PM, 1:30-3:30PM, 3:45-5:45PM,6-8PM
Sunday11:15PM-1:15PM, 1:30-3:30PM, 3:45-5:45PM,6-8PM

The fees for the class are Rs. 1888/- per month (inclusive of GST). These charges are for 4 classes a month (once a week). We have a one time registration fee of Rs. 1000/-.
This program is focused on developing fundamental art skills. The mentor customizes each student's program depending upon his/her acumen. Individual attention is given so as to impart a complete knowledge of drawing, painting, design, and mixed media techniques to each student.

Time and day of the class is flexible and can be customised
Fees is Rs. 1850/- for a set of four classes
This program aims in making you a complete artist, capable of holding individual exhibitions of his / her own. Learn skills right from the basis of drawing to the proficiency of painting a portrait under this program. The mentors use power point presentations and outdoor locales to complete your foray in the world of art. Traverse the journey from Renaissance to Modern Art to Contemporary Art or have a tryst with Cubism, Impressionism or Surrealism. The canvas is white for all yours to colour....

Charges 1850/- for a set of 4 classes.
Day and time adjustable
This class is specially designed for those who wish to prepare suitable art works and create a portfolio for either future admissions or exhibitions. It includes organizing, printing and labelling art work along with learning how to draw correctly.

Fees and day varies according to the content and preparation required by the student.
"Have a break & ART JAM" Anonymous

In the mood for a stress buster, some bonhomie and oodles of fun, then what better way then to JAM over ART. Get six or more of your friends together and book an exclusive slot for your group. Subjects offered are many and can be chosen according to the level of skill and convenience. Refreshments and snacks are provided during the session. Group bookings are available for all age group. Minimum age 5 year to senior citizens. so let your creativity loose and make your party rock n roll with Art and more!

Days & Timing can be customized
Charges - Variable
Subjects offered - Photo Portrait, Monoprinting, Acrylics & Ink, Clay modelling, Art Therapy, Water colours and many more