Art Rickshaw Kolkata began its journey in February 2016, with essentially a single motto to bring to the City of joy: a creative space that any artist freely can call his or her own!

The wheels of Art Rickshaw pace forward, with a gripping momentum. We aim to take you on a great, adventurous ride within the realm of art where you can explore newer horizons of creative expression with liberty. For we too believe that being creative is not a hobby, but, indeed, a way of life!
Aditya Rungta

FullSizeRenderAditya Rungta

Art Curator / Founder
Aditya's keen interest in collecting art was what lead to the creation of Art Rickshaw gallery. The collection of paintings have been curated aesthetically by him over a period of years and have been displayed in the gallery.
Shailja Rungta

Shailja RungtaShailja Rungta

Shailja is a self taught artist, who has had a passion for arts since childhood. Although she was a Commerce student, her keen interest in art has led her to her foray in the field of designing and today in the creation of Art Rickshaw Kolkata. When she took up painting again after a hiatus of about two decades, the need for an informal, yet easy way of learning art, was what prompted her in opening up such a place in Kolkata.
Devanshi Rungta

Devanshi RungtaDevanshi Rungta

Creative Head
Devanshi brings enterprising, youthful talent to Art Rickshaw Kolkata. She has a keen interest in photography and has made a number of short movies, one of which was nominated for the Golden Globe awards (children category). She looks after the media, innovations, and design aspects of the studio. Devanshi is extremely passionate about the studio contributing to society, by means of its Art Camps for NGOs and the underprivileged.
Dipankar Ganguly

Dipankar GangulyDipankar Ganguly

Artist / Mentor
Dipankar has a style which is unique as well as a true reflection of modern contemporary art. The colours in his palette are bold, yet soothing. As a teacher, he interacts with the students on a one-to-one level, motivating them to make the best use of their potential.
Amalan Banerjee

Amalan BanerjeeAmalan Banerjee

Artist / Mentor
Amalan has done his BFA from Baroda College of Arts and is currently doing Art Restoration. He has a fresh approach towards art, mixing media and innovating styles; yet, he succeeds in keeping the aesthetics of art intact.
Sreemanto Sahu

Sreemanto SahuSreemanto Sahu

Sahu da, as he is popularly known, has undertaken many projects of constructing statues and installations. He is a graduate from Government College of Arts and can mould clay magically into a myriad, finite forms.
Visiting Faculties
As the visiting faculty, we have a number of talented people at the studio. Aradhana Dalmia is an art curator and therapist, who is an expert in her field.

Dipankar Mani, a senior and renowned artist, uses his honed skills and teaching abilities to conduct workshops at our studio.

Currently, Vasvi Kejriwal is assisting with the overall social marketing and general activities at the studio.

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